New Media Composition and American Democracy is special adaptation of the traditional composition class format. We will be exploring and employing forms of new media, developing fluency in those forms, and learning how the digital landscape is changing composition. The goal of this class is to prepare students for academic writing across the university landscape. It will also combine the composition process and digital environments to gain media fluency, critical thinking skills, and facility with the concept of research.

Our reading will be divided into two (somewhat) equal segments: Howard Rheingold’s Net Smart and Brian Kaylor’s Presidential Campaign Politics in an Age of Confessional Politics. Along the way, we will collect other readings in electronic periodicals like Harper’s, The New Yorker, and The Atlantic.

A diverse understanding of audience improves our composition. Additionally, digital media allow us to share multiple forms of communication rapidly and efficiently. Therefore, most of the composing you will do for class will be viewable by your peers. Some of it may be viewable to the web at large. We are responsible to each other to write, critique, and receive critique maturely. You should develop comfort with this aspect of the course or find a new composition class. As a group we will using a host of new media tools; interacting with these platforms is required for the course.

Required texts:

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Important dates:
September 3, Labor Day (no classes)
October 9, Semester Midpoint
November 19-24, Thanksgiving Break (Wow, a whole week?)
December 3, Final day of class; portfolio and reflections due

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